Frequently Asked Questions

Where is HSR located?

3161 Kennaway Rd

Haliburton, ON

K0M 1S0

Latitude/Longitude: 45.087743 / 78.320439 

GPS: 45 5’15N / 78 19’13W 

See Google Maps

What are the requirements to attend?

Everyone staying at the HSR must be an active registered member of Scouts Canada, Guirl Guides of Canada or if from outside Canada, the equivalent Scouting organization. Or a member of a 3rd party like-minded organization.

Group Commissioners are to ensure their group has appropriate leadership and Scouter: Youth ratio as per Scouts Canada policy. All adults must be screened according to Scouts Canada Volunteer Screening Procedure requirements.

How does our experience at HSR work?

Perhaps you have not been to HSR before--we hope you are considering coming!

Your group arrives fully self-contained for a week at one of our 23 campsites on our largest lake, Kennabi. Scouts Canada programs emphasize “youth led” experiences, so your group youth leadership team should be involved from now! They should be leading the discussion of the program options, helping plan the pace of activities and establishing the duty roster for camp chores.

The Scouters serve as mentors and coaches to the youth leadership team. The Scouter is also responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone and addressing discipline issues.

The energetic HSR Staff will provide instruction at the various program areas, which are designed to give youth a safe adventurous experience. HSR is also a great environment to learn about and practice skills and tasks for Scouts Canada Personal Achievement Badges and Outdoor Adventure Skills. All programs are optional, some groups choose to just have an enjoyable camping experience of their own design.

For detailed information, please read the Scouter's Guide.

How much does it cost?

Fees are set annually. There is a minimum charge per campsite. This is the lowest fee you would pay for your stay at the Reserve. This means that the number of people you have on site multiplied by the ‘per person’ fee should total more than the minimum fee, or you will pay the minimum fee.

The fee includes:

The fee does not include:

These charges would be added to your bill at the end of the week.


The fees per camper for the summer of 2024 are:

$299.00 + HST/person/week for Scouts Canada Members

$335.00 + HST/person/week for Girl Guides of Canada Members

$359.00 + HST/person/week for Boy Scouts of America Troops or other 3rd party like-minded organizations

The per-person fees and any other fees accumulated at HSR will be calculated onto a final invoice (less the $500.00 CAD deposit received at time of booking) and paid at the camp on the Friday before your groups departure. Please be sure to bring a cheque payable to Scouts Canada to submit at check out.

Please note: If you are booking as part of a 3rd party like-minded organization, you will be required  to submit a valid certificate of insurance from your provider once your booking has been received. We will also issue you a contract that will need to be completed and return to us prior to your arrival date. (Girl Guides of Canada groups are exempt from this requirement.)

Boy Scouts of America Troops must have a letter of introduction provided at check-in upon arrival.

How do we make a reservation?

You are ready to reserve your site when the following questions have been answered:

Once you have answered all of the above questions, visit our booking site here

How do we select our campsite?

There are 23 campsites around our largest lake, Kennabi Lake that are only accessible by boat. There is one (1) remote site on Hurst Lake on the Reserve that can be used for longer stays, as well as six (6) other defined remote sites on the camp property that can be reached by hiking.

For additional assistance in selecting a site, send an email to We will suggest a site that takes into consideration the average age and number of campers in your group. The website has a collection of maps of the various campsites.

If you arrive with a significant difference between your predicted number of campers and your actual number, we reserve the right to change your campsite.

What is provided on our campsite?

Each of the sites on Lake Kennabi has:

The Hurst Lake site has a raised platform pavilion, a row boat, canoes, and picnic tables.

When do we pay?

In order to confirm your sire, you must pay a $500 (CAD funds) deposit. You pay the balance of your fee on Friday afternoon of your week at camp. You must pay the your balance with cash or cheque only. We are not able to process credit cards at this time. 

What if we need to cancel our booking?

2024 Cancellation Policy

All HSR Summer bookings: To secure the desired week and site at Haliburton Scout Reserve, a $500.00 CAD deposit must be paid in full at time of your online booking of which, 10% of the deposit is non-refundable. (Convenience fees at time of booking are also non-refundable)

Request to cancel an HSR summer booking before March 10, 2024: Refund all but 10% of the $500.00 CAD deposit received at time of booking. ($450.00 will be refunded back to the group. Convenience fees paid at time of booking are non-refundable)

Request to cancel an HSR summer booking between March 11, 2024 and before April 7, 2024: Refund $250.00 (Convenience fees paid at time of booking are non-refundable)

Request to cancel an HSR summer booking April 8, 2024 onward: Zero refunds will be issued. You may change the week selected to a different week within the summer of 2023, or, you may transfer the booking to another group in which, they will be responsible to reimburse your group for the deposit, and the Scouts Canada Property Team will update the booking reservation to reflect the new group’s contact information.

All cancellations or booking transfers MUST be done in writing and emailed to


**Phone messages will not be accepted as notice of your cancellation. ** 


Scouts Canada reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time. 

What gear do we bring?

We are a semi-wilderness camp. Bring all equipment necessary for an independent camping experience. Include items such as: tents, dining fly,  stoves (and all fuel and fittings!), water containers, closed food storage containers, all cooking and eating utensils, lanterns, shovel, CLEAR plastic garbage bags, and an emergency whistle for each person.

All personal gear. HSR is in the Canadian Shield – all types of weather should be expected (i.e. – hot, cold, dry, and wet). Remember to include any materials and equipment for special programs and games that you wish to have on your site. We many be a summer camp, but it can get cold - especially at night. 

All personal gear and the group equipment must be loaded onto a pontoon boat by hand. There are no mechanical lifting machines. Members will unload this equipment at their site dock and then take it to their camping area. The same process will occur when leaving the site.

Please look through the Scouter's Guide for a more detailed list. 

Is there a store on the property?

Country Store

For your convenience, HSR operates “The Country Store” and “The Trading Post”. There is no need to worry about transporting your week’s supply of food. Prices are comparable to a village variety store. If we do not have it, we can usually obtain common items with 24 hours' notice. There’s no need to worry about cash—all purchases can be added to your group’s final bill. Charges close at 11:00am sharp on Friday in the Store.


Camping Supplies…

Orders can be sent to before your camp week and the store will have the order ready for pick up on the days you need it. The earlier you send it in the better. Typically, we can obtain special items for the next day, the more notice the better we will be able to help.

Trading Post

The Trading Post has a large selection of HSR souvenirs such as hats, hoodies, and T-shirts, as well as ice cream, snacks, and soft-drinks. Trading Post charges close on Thursday afternoon.

What do we need to bring to check-in upon our arrival?

Once your entire group has arrived (this includes all vehicles and members camping with your group), you will be checked-in in order of arrival. We do not start checking groups in until after 12pm. Our staff in the parking lot will direct you to Kennabi Lodge to check in after your whole group has arrived. 

At Kennabi Lodge, you will need the following:

How do we get ready for our inspection for our Saturday departure?

By Saturday morning there are things to be done for your inspection.