Facilities & Services


Country Store

We have a small grocery store on the property located at the T-Dock, near the Clinic. Prices are comparable to a village variety store. If we do not have it, we can usually obtain common items with 24 hours' notice. There’s no need to worry about cash—all purchases can be added to your group’s final bill. Charges close at 11:00am sharp on Friday in the Store.


Camping Supplies…

Orders can be sent to hsr2@scouts.ca before your camp week and the store will have the order ready for pick up on the days you need it. The earlier you send it in the better. Typically, we can obtain special items for the next day, the more notice the better we will be able to help.

Trading Post

The Trading Post has a large selection of HSR souvenirs such as hats, hoodies, and T-shirts, as well as ice cream, snacks, and soft-drinks. Trading Post charges close on Thursday afternoon at 5:15pm. Make sure you and your youth bring cash to spend at the store!

Snack Shack

Only open on Saturdays and is located at the main end where check-in/departures occurs on Saturdays. We have ice cream, snacks, soft-drinks, coffee, muffins, and a selection of souvenirs. Hamburgers and hotdogs available for purchase after 11:30pm.

*All subject to availability. If you are wanting to purchase lunch from the Snack Shack for your group, please let us know 1 week beforehand. 


The Clinic is located behind the Country Store/Office. You can dock on the sides of the T-Dock if arriving by water. It is also just down the road from the Hub, so you can walk there as well. 

We have a Nurse every week and some weeks will have a Doctor on site.

The Clinic is stocked for emergency first aid, it is not a pharmacy. If a prescription is needed, you will need to go into the town of Haliburton to the hospital or to a pharmacy. There is a refrigerator in the Clinic for medication, if needed. There are also beds there if overnight observation is needed by the Nurse or Doctor on site. 

Haliburton Hospital & Directions from HSR

Shoppers Drug Mart & Directions from HSR

Rexall & Directions from HSR

Tips so you don't have to visit the Clinic: 

Programme Centre

Located on the waterfront by the H-Dock and the Hub. If you have questions about programs or making a change to one of your lessons, chat with one of our Program staff or Program Coordinators! We also have a chalkboard in the Programme Centre with everyone's activities for the week - please don't touch anything on this board. Our staff will make the necessary changes to ensure we have instructors out at your lesson!

Potable Water

We have potable water at the L-dock (area for check-in/departures on Saturdays), the Hub, or the Country Store for drinking and/or food preparation. Bring clean water containers. The water is treated and tested regularly according to regulations. Water is a precious resource. Please close the taps as soon as the container is full. Do not use the taps for washing, showering, or brushing teeth. Do not drink water directly from the lake.

Helpful Tip:


Garbage and Recycling Disposal

Garbage and recycling are picked up at your site each evening after supper, between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. All recyclable materials must be separated from regular garbage in clear bags. 

• Recyclable containers should be rinsed and crushed –, clear and coloured glass, tin and aluminum metal cans, aluminum foil, pie plates. (If your home municipality will recycle other materials, you can help by taking them home with you) 

• Garbage materials–e.g. cellophane, aerosol cans, hangers, dishes, plastic cutlery, paper backed foils, chip bags, utensils, plastic straws, bubble wrap, tarps, wax cartons. 

• Burnable fibers–paper, cardboard and other items that leave no residue may be burned in your site campfire or recycled. 

• the small empty propane cylinders are considered “hazardous materials” by the municipality and should be put out separately or taken home with you for proper disposal. 

We hope that with good planning we can reduce our garbage footprint. Ensure all recycling and waste materials go into separate clear bags. If the wrong materials are in the wrong bag, the municipality fines the camp. We will not pickup your garbage/recycling from your site if it is not separated properly.

• Clear bag for garbage 

• Clear bag for recyclable containers (rinse out) 

• Clear bag for recyclable fibers 

This service is included in your campsite fees.

Water Taxi

You can book a water taxi through the Country Store to barge your whole group from your site and back for a hike or an event. You can order a small boat water taxi to go pick up groceries from the Country Store or your vehicle at the parking lot. This service is dependent on staff availability.

Small Boat $20.00 each way

Large Boat (barge) $25.00 each way

*Prices are subject to change at any time.