Beacrobra Cove

Beacrobra Cove

Site Minimum: 20 people

Site Maximum: 60 people

Description: Large enough for 4 big patrols and then some.  Large no boat zone with shallows and deep sections.  Lovely view of the lake from the campfire area.

Exposure:  South.  Sun onto site by breakfast, and doesn't go behind trees until late afternoon.  Fair breezes.

Travel Time (by canoe)
>> to Hub  = 10 - 20 min.
>> to Main End / Parking = 20 - 30  min.

Campsite Name Meaning: Named after the Beaver, Crow, and Cobra patrols of 155th Toronto. 

Aerial view of Beacrobra Cove

Footage provided by Scouter Kurt G from 1st Campbellville.

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