Big Bear Point

Big Bear Point

Site Minimum: 10 people

Site Maximum: 40 people

Description:  A large site with lots of 'patrol sites' to spread out.  Beautiful sand beach  (so good, other groups often ask to use it!). 

Exposure:  Mainly east.  Early sun.  Shade by mid afternoon.  Only breeze is if it comes from the east -- which often foretells of storms.

Travel Time (by canoe)
>> to Hub  = 10 - 20 min.
>> to Main End / Parking = 20 - 30  min.

Comments:   A very popular site because of it's size and location close to the Hub.

Campsite Name Meaning: One of the first campsites. Named because a bear was sighted there on the first year. Also said that on the map (see below), it looked like a bear’s head. 

Footage provided by Scouter Kurt G from 1st Campbellville.

Aerial view of Big Bear.

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