Doe Island

Doe Island

Site Minimum: 20 people

Site Maximum: 60 people

Description:   Ever dreamed of a whole island all to yourselves?  This is it.   A large site where patrols can spread out, but come together around the large campfire area. Very popular site. 

Exposure:   Main dock site faces south-east, with morning sun.  Patrol sites get different views all around the island.

Travel Time (by canoe)
>> to Hub  = 10 - 15 min.
>> to Reception / Parking =  20 - 30 min.

Comments:  Being an island, no fear of Scouts getting seriously lost or problems with bears. Please be considerate of Scouts on nearby campsites on Beacrobra Cove and Pal Point -- late night campfires may keep them awake!

Campsite Name Meaning: The smaller of Doe and Buck Islands, these were the biggest islands in Kennabi Lake and were probably the first to be named. May have been named for a deer stranded there in one of the first springs of the camp opening.

Aerial view of Doe Island

Image provided by 35th Tecumseh

Image provided by 35th Tecumseh

Footage provided by Scouter Kurt G from 1st Campbellville.

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