Pal Point

Pal Point

Site Minimum: 4 people

Site Maximum: 25 people

Description:   This site is bigger than it looks from the lake.  Spread out along the shore on 2 levels.  

Exposure:  North and slightly west.   Late afternoon sun and good sunsets. Nice westerly winds to keep bugs down.

Travel Time (by canoe)
>> to Hub  = 5 - 10 min.
>> to Main End / Parking = 15 - 20 min.

Comments:   Dirctly across from Hub.  May be some disturbance from activity over there. On island, so less chance of Scouts getting seriously lost, or any bear problems.

Campsite Name Meaning: Came from the name of a horse used by Bill Wilson who worked for a number of years with JC Moore (first camp chief at HSR) in the first years of the camp. Pal Point was where the horse would get out of the water onto Buck Island after swimming across the lake from the Hub.

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