Pitten Point

Pitten Point

Site Minimum: 10 people

Site Maximum: 30 people

Description:   A nice site, with open space above and back from the shoreline.  Spread the tents among the trees, or use the smaller tent sites for patrols..

Exposure:   South and a bit east.  Late morning sun.  Protected from the wind.

Travel Time (by canoe)
>> to Hub  = 20 - 40 min.
>> to Main End / Parking = 45 - 60 min.

Comments:  A good distance from the Hub (water supply, store, and program).  Difficult for small Scouts if there's a west wind.

Campsite Name Meaning: As far back as the 1950’s, this was a place where staff would go to “pit” (your bed was called your pit). 

View of Pitten Point from Hidden Bay

Aerial view of Pitten Point

Footage provided by Scouter Kurt G from 1st Campbellville.

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