Twister Point

Twister Point

Site Minimum: 15 people

Site Maximum: 40 people

Description:   One of the oldest campsites on the lake.  Large and within walking distance of the Hub, Store, Admin, and water supply.

Exposure:  South and East -- sun most of the day.  Good breezes on point, sheltered farther back.

Travel Time (by canoe) -- you can also walk there!
>> to Hub  = 5 min. (takes longer to launch and beach!)
>> to Main End / Parking =  10 - 15 min.

Comments:  Site is on the main water route between the lake sites and the reception area -- you see all the comings and goings.

Campsite Name Meaning:  A tornado touched down on this point some years before the camp was purchased and the results were still obvious when Scouting took over the property. 

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